Wooden Poles

Traditional wooden poles for elegance and warmth

Beautifully hand crafted wooden poles from Cameron and Fuller look stunning in any setting. The elegant of these poles will complement any room  whether you choose to have them corded or unc-orded  with ring .  You can choose to have them painted in a solid colour,  lime wash  stained or waxed painted they will good compliment a room scheme for many years.  Curtain pole have to have the strength to hold the curtain and not bow. Curtain can be very heavy, without a good strong pole this is not possible to achieve the elegant’s your curtains deserve. This is the reason I offer Cameron and full wooden poles.  I know they are well made and will stand the test of time. 

Cameron and Fuller offer a  wonderful variety of finials available – from simple ball ends to elaborate cages and spears.

The wooden pole  are offered in a range of three sizes 35mm, 50mm  and 63mm. Pole lengths start from sizes 120mm to 240mm in one piece. 

The Poles come in a lovely range of colours from White,Chalk,Ash,Oyster, Ivory,Slate,Antique Pine,Light Oak, Cherry,Red Mahogany, Natural Magogany, Walnut, Matt Black Pearl Baroque Gold Over White Ivory Wood Wash, Wash Over Gold Limed Gilded Antique Gilded 

Last but not least you have the option to have the poles painted in your own colour scheme.

To finally compliment your scheme they offer a wonderful selection of accessories hold back, Tie backs and a range of different brackets all in matching Colours.   

finials for wooden poles


Pole length35mm50mm