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Bespoke made To measure Curtains

Traditional custom made curtain service

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 Traditional custom  made curtain service, with hand  stitched sides and hems. The heading is made with a buckram. This buckram will allow the curtain to be made to fit a track or pole. In between the face fabric and lining is a layer the blackout lining and face fabric.  This method will produce a lovely draped curtain. 

Blackout lining will protect your curtain from the strong Ultra violet light from the sun  in the summer and  keeping the heat in the winter.  Blackout lining will prolong the life of the curtain specially if you have silk curtains. 

Pinch pleats

    Pinch Pleat pleated curtains with either double or triple pleated headers with a  buckram in the heading, are designed  to fit a pole or track.  With this fixed  pleats  curtains are designed to look smart when opened or closed. The advantage of pinch pleat headers over tape they will always look good.   Tape has a habit of moving and look unsightly and bulky. The other advantage over tape from the back of the curtain you will not see the buckram unlike tape. because the  lining covers up the buckram.  

Blackout Lining

Blackout Lining  Is made up of three parts the first part is a rubber fabric which works to block out the UV light and sunlight. this material helps to keep in the warmth in winter.  The second part is the front lining fabric fused to the rubber lining to create a nice texture to the back of the curtains.  The third layer is to cover up the rubber layer at the back of the curtain. Al these layers  together will create a beautiful drape to the curtains.  The blackout lining will hide all the seams, unlike ordinary  lining when the sun shines on the lining you see all the seams. 

Eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtain

Eyelet curtains come from a sail.  Using brass based eyelets  are the best.  With a great selection of  colours to choose from will  complement your curtain and pole. could look stunning. For more information click on the link to the Eyelet curtain and setting service page.