Metal poles

Cameron and Fuller and silent Gliss offer a fantastic range of metal poles. 

Cameron and  Fuller have   vast selection of colours, brackets, matching hold backs and tie brackets. The poles come in a verity of lengths starting from 150cms to 240cms . Offering either 19mm or 32mm.  The advantage of Cameron and Fuller, I’m able to offer these poles as a tailor made product, mixing and matching to fit a situation. If you just need a pole for eyelet curtains, I’m able to put together the necessary components.  Instead of purchasing a complete pole pack and having  parts you don’t need. 

Silent Gliss 

Metropole is a metal pole  designed without rings but, with guilders.  If you have very large window  Then The metropoles will go up to 6 metres length in one continuous length, and still  add on to this pole, with a joiner.  The great advantage over other metal poles the Metropole can be bent for bay windows. or even corded. If you need a  really heavy weight curtain pole  Metropole this is worth a consideration.

The Metropole range comes in 3 sizes 23mm,  32mm,  50mm and  offer a huge arrange of brackets and a wonderful selection of colours and finials.  these poles are not suitable for eyelets.  This system is designed for the wave.  The curtains are designed to operate under the pole. This allow the curtain to swing as it closes.  If you try putting the curtain above the pole you will find the curtain will jam.  The exception to this rule is the  metroflat system will pole will the curtain to be hung above pole. 

Pole and finial packs

finials for metal poles