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Engineered metal curtain Tracks

Crafted metal Curtain Track

 Engineered metal curtain made by silent gliss are very robust will last for years. Thse tracks have the option of  being  bent  offer a bent service for all to fit all shapes  of windows . Slient Gliss tracks  are  designed to carry light weight curtains like Voiles to very heavy staging curtains.using the right type of  gliders the tracks will run smoothly. Bending service the track could be bent Custom m to fit may shape and size window   tracks are available in many types of colours,brackets Slient Gliss tracks are designed to be bent in many shapes to fit windows, from curved, apex, any shape bay windows including reverse bends. 

Bending Apex,arched curtain track

Apex curtain
Apex window

 Apex, curved and arched windows need a special way of bending crafted metal curtain tracks. These types of curtains are known as dressed curtains unable to move. You will need a hold back or tie back to enable the curtain to open up the tie backs and hold backs are available in many colours and designs. Silent gliss tracks on sloping angle will need a special fixed gliders.

Bending curtain bay tracks

Bay window Pelmet

Bending tracks for bay window tracks from L- shaped, curved, semi circular, reverses bend.  All tracks are bent ready to fit   bays are  to fit on site.  Taking the guess work out of trying to bend. The tracks used are the using the lovely engineered  Silent Gliss system. your tracks will last you for many years making them a great investment . If you like your curtains above the track Silent gliss offer a few tracks that will work well for this situation.

octagon template

shaped bay in window track

Samples of 


square bays 



reversed bends 


Square Bay template

Bent square track

Angled bay

Angled bay track