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Custom made Blinds

Made to measure Roman blinds

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At Cs curtains and interiors we offer custom made,  hand stitched Roman Blind service. Made with a choose of  blackout lining.  Interlining  is added to help stop the light bleed from the stab stitching .   Cs Curtains and interiors use a  heavy weight Velcro track, this track will take up to a 10kg weight  Roman Blind.  This heavy weight track will make  up to a  4 metres length Roman Blind with ease. 

The option to put the Roman blinds on either the inside or the outside of the window.  Other options is a system called cascading , this is where the Roman blind folds are  slightly showing.   If you feel you  Would like the Roman Blind  to have a little more  decorative feature then boards and trim are a great option. 

 If you like techno, then at Cs curtains and interiors I offer a  battery operated system, operated by a remote controlled system.  The remote  control will operates  between 1 to 16 blinds.   

 This system will do away with chains and the temptation for children to play with the chain.  The advantage of  battery Roman blinds it eliminates the stress on the track.  In turn will stop the cords slipping out the back of the blinds. Roman blinds 

Roman blind

Laminating blinds

Laminated blinds are a great option if you find a fabric you like and would like a roller blind to match your curtains then laminating your own fabric onto a special backing is  a great option.

Laminating fabric will open  up a wider options because,  you can choose from a great section of fabrics, 

These blinds come with the option of blackout or normal lining or white cream . 

The laminating process involves fusing lining to your chosen fabric .  The process involves making sure you have enough fabric to be send away.

If your fabric is not wide enough for your window then extra  widths can be added to achivie the right width for your window .

Optional extras are matching pelments  and battery operated systems.  The battery operated systems are great for full length rollers and by-fold doors.