Made to measure curtains

Made to measure Hand-made curtains

Hand-made curtains, with  hand sewn seams and hems  will give your curtains really luxurious look and drape.  The weight of the fabric and types of fibers used add to the mix.  Blackout lining will cut out drafts and sunlight.  Curtains play a large part in a room, they can make or break a room.  Curtains are well made they will last between 10 to 15 years.

Curtains can Make or break  a room scheme.  Curtains can make a room fell cold and dated to warm and inviting.  When you walk into a room you should see the whole room and not just the curtains.  It’s amazing how much work curtains do, from keeping a room cool In summer, to keeping the heat in a room in  winter.  When you get your room scheme right you should have a feeling of security and well being.

See our curtain measurement guide.

Blackouts and Interlinings

Blackout Lining

is a lining sateen lining with two more parts added to create a blocking out core. The advantage of this core is to stop the light coming though the lining  so you can create a dark room, other advantages is it creates a weight to a lighter materials helping to hang better, and can help on the energy saving by acting as a barrier between the window the room helping to keep the room warmer in winter saving energy. Two more elements to blackout lining, Silk curtains need a lot of protection from sun light Blackout is ideal for this.  last but not least  because Blackout lining blocks light it also stops the shadowing on curtains so you able to see the pattern on your fabric, which can be lost when the sun shines though.


Interlining is a cotton type felt created to be sandwiched between the front fabric and the lining. The main purpose of this barrier it acts like a thermal insulator In winter  saving on energy bill.  Interlining  will add weight to a curtain giving it a lovely drape, The  other notable difference putting Interlining is it will do away with the stitches showing on the hem line. 

bespoke track curtains

Double and triple-pleat headers

Pleating can be a tidy alternative to a standard curtain setup. Regularly spaced pleats of two or three folds fixed to the rail. Guaranteeing a neat look whether the curtain is open, fully or partially closed.

The advantage of making curtains with buckram rather than tape is it produces a really crisp, sophisticated look that won’t easily deform. The pleats will always be crisp and do not move around with use, which can happen with curtains fixed using tape.

Wave Curtains

These curtains are designed to fit special roller gliders in order to create a wave effect. The advantage of these curtains is they stack back very neatly and tightly. Folding neatly as they do, wave curtains can be fitted to fold up quite tightly, thus they do not require wall space behind them when open.

Beige pleated Silent Glis wave curtains

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are a great alternative  if you are looking for more of a stream line look, and would like to use a pole but, not rings the Giving a curtain a feeling of hanging from the ceiling to the floor.

I provide  an eyelet-fitting service, with an eyelet press designed to put in curtain eyelets, This is done in my workshop In West Hythe. 

Find out more about our eyelet setting service.

Wooden pole with curtain eyelets