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Bespoke, Hand Made Curtains

Beautiful Curtains Made To Measure

A fitting pair of curtains can make or break the feel of a room. Thinking about what would work can be daunting, but though our many years of experience we can help you with the perfect choice to compliment any room. Through our specialist sources we provide a wide range of unique designs, with our expertise we can advise on the best options available for your needs.

Before a single stitch is sewn, we will ensure you are completely sure with the project and that everything is measured correctly. Measurements will be taken as part of your complimentary consultation.

Our made to measure curtains are all crafted by hand. Hand-sewn hems, side seams and headings for pleats, finished on durable buckram for a professional, high-quality finish. We can also provide interlined or blackout backing if you prefer.

While we provide a curtain measurement guide for all customers, nothing compares in the search for an ideal set of curtains quite like a personal measuring and consultation session.

See our curtain measurement guide


Triple pleats, made from stiff buckram back, are best for medium-weight curtains. They consist of a space and three pleats, creating a stylish finish to any room. There is also the option of double pleats for a more relaxed look. This is an extremely robust option and can be used with both poles and tracks.



Hand Made Curtain With Pleats


Eyelets are a fantastic all-round header and look great in any room thanks to their seamless, modern and tidy style. We can provide a setting service on our made to measure curtains as well as on curtains you already own.

Find out more about our eyelet setting service.