Elegant Curtain Tracks For Windows of Any Shape

For a sleek and discreet alternative to curtain poles, there are curtain tracks. The choice of track can make a huge difference to how well the curtains hang and operate when drawn. So choosing the right weight track for the right weight of curtains will make a different to the hang and the operation of the track. For any choice however, I recommend Silent Gliss

For my work, Silent Gliss offer the best choice for a track. They have an extensive range of products to cover most situations from long bi-fold doors to bay windows and apex windows. The advantage Silent Gliss provides is the wide compatibility of their tracks and brackets. The main advantage of Silent Gliss brackets are their ease to use use with no fiddly bits. The tracks come in 6 metre lengths with a wonderful range of colours and come with a fantastic range of gilders. From standard gliders to roller gliders and that covers a wide range of curtain weights. From a light weight voile up to heavy stage curtains.

  • Light to medium tracks will support lightweight voiles to medium-weight fabrics.
  • Medium to heavy weight tracks support interlined and heavier weight curtains.
  • Contract tracks support very heavy weight curtains with lined and interlined fabric. 

Available Silent Gliss tracks can use hand drawn, corded and motorised systems for drawing and closing.

The Silent Gliss Wave System

For that elegant floor-to-ceiling look. Silent Gliss offers the Silent Gliss Wave, a track system fixed to the ceiling. Where eave curtains hang in a beautiful continuous wave. This feature takes “floor to ceiling curtains” to a new level with near-seamless contact between floor and ceiling for curtains that can have a drop as long as 6 metres in length.

Silent Gliss Wave Curtain Tracks on huge french windows at a Villa, leading out to decking with a sea view