Curtain poles to suit your style

Choosing the perfect pole to complement your curtains is imperative to ensure you enjoy a beautifully finished look. It can be more difficult than it seems, which is where we come in. We’ll find you the perfect pole to transform your room, no matter what your budget is.

Choosing the right material (wood or metal), size and number of brackets are all determined by the size and shape of your window. If you live in a house with bay windows you may already know how complex it can be trying to fit the correct poles. Carol has over twenty years of experience in the sector, so you’re in safe hands with us.


Like any decoration, the perfect pole is not complete without some flourish to round off a piece with style. CS Curtains and Interiors offers a wide variety of finials provided by Cameron Fuller to suit a variety of setups. From simple ball and cap endings to elaborate finishings, we can recommend finials that will finish off the curtains for every kind of style, perfect for the curtains of your choice.

Finials are available in a variety of styles for both wooden and metal poles.

Wooden Poles