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Crafted made to measure curtain Tracks

Straight curtain Tracks

Straight curtain tracks  come in all sorts of styles, for voiles right though to staging tracks for heavier  curtains. offering a corded system. 

Apex curtain
Apex window

 Apex, curved and arched windows  are made using a template and fixed in place with  Silent Gliss gliders, the gliders have been designed to fix the curtain in place to stop it slipping.   These type of curtains will need tie backs or hold backs when they are open.

 Hold backs and tie backs come in various options, for hold backs the option are either wood or metal.  Tie backs come in a vast choose of designs, from cord with tassels or with out tassels matching tie to your curtain made with the same fabric. .

Apex, curved, arched curtain Track

Bending curtain Tracks

Bending tracks for L- shaped, curved, semi circular, angled, bays are bent in house to fit the bay using the lovely crafted Silent Gliss system. The   comprehensive bending service. Bending different angled tracks for  semi circle, arched and apex windows . serpentine shapes.  Most of the tracks are available for reverse bending, this will allow for the track to come out of the bay to reduce the gap from the wall to the track If you like your curtains above the track and a finial,  Reversing the track around the corner will create a better stack back of your curtains  giving you more window, or if your stacking arear is tight. 

Bay window Pelmet
octagon template

Samples of 


square bays 



reversed bends 


Square Bay template
Angled bay