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crafted made to measure curtain poles

Crafted Wooden poles

finials for wooden poles

Crafted wooden poles are beautiful made from quality wood.  Options of stained, waxed or  painted in a great choose of colour.

These poles will make a great statement in a room. At Cs curtains and interiors you will fine a great  selection of  and painted finishes curtain poles 

If you are unable to find a colour to match your project for  wooden poles then I’m able to offer a colour matching and staining service. 

Wooden curtain poles are available in 35mm, 50mm and 63mm diameter. With fantastic choose of finials, colours and a variety of metal and wooden brackets. 

CS Curtains and Interiors could offer these poles as a complete pole set or tailor made service. This is where I’m able to mix and match different brackets to fit various  situations.   Recess, ceiling brackets or pole only for eyelet poles .

If you just need a pole only I’m able to supply many of the top brand poles from Cameron fuller, Regal poles by Hallis Hudson to  hand made  forged poles.  For eyelet curtains I’m able to put these poles together for you. Saving you having the ring that you have no use for.

Metal curtain poles

finials for metal poles

Metal curtain poles which have been beautifully hand forged crafted are available in 19mm and 32 mm diameter.  These metal Curtain poles come with an option of finial brackets, and have an extra  long  3metre length pole.  19mm metal curtain poles is special that it could be bent and has a ring with a piece cut out to allow the rings to pass over the brackets. 

Both the metal and wooden poles come in lengths starting 150cms to 240cms before you will need to use centre brackets.

CS Curtains and Interiors can offer these poles as a complete pole set or tailor made service. By mixing-and-matching to fit any situation.

If you just need a pole for eyelet curtains then I’m able to put these types of poles together for you ,saving you having ring that you have no use for.