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Bespoke Eyelet curtain making Service

Bespoke eyelet curtain making  service at Cs curtains and interiors will guide you though the process of choosing the right size of eyelet to your pole size. with a great selection of colours  The eyelets are brass based and pressed in with a  with a heavy duty eyelet press.  On site in a workshop and showroom in West Hythe Kent. IF you prefer the curtains to be traditional make then Cs curtains and interiors offers this service. From start to finish you will be guided though the process. 

Guide to the eyelet service

Please follow the guide below for selecting the right size eyelets for your curtain pole 

19mm-25mm  pole use 30mm eyelets,

25mm to 30mm pole use 40mm

35mm- 40mm use-50mm  66mm eyelets.

Making Up Guide. 

Before making up your curtains, I could send you sample of colours and sizes of eyelets to try on your pole.  

If You are looking for the eyelet service please follow the  guide below.

Setting Service only.

All you need to do is make your

curtains up to the heading stage including the extra allowance for above the pole. This will depend on the eyelet size.

Add these measurements  to the top of the pole for different eyelet sizes.

3cms for 25-30mm.

4cms for the 40mm.

5cms 66mm.

These measurements will give a lovely balance to your curtains.

I could  arrange collection and return service via Royal mail.

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