Professional Eyelets Setting Service

Eyelet curtains are extremely popular due to their ability to look effortlessly sophisticated in any room. Whether it’s your office, bathroom or bedroom, these durable headers are the perfect match. Another benefit is that they can be opened and closed easily, without the resistance associated with other curtain types.

Our eyelet setting service can be carried out on any curtains, whether they are made to measure from us, or ones you already own.

Eyelet colour

Eyelets are available in a range of neutral colours to complement your chosen curtain fabric or pole. We can provide samples so you can see exactly how they will look before you make your final decision.

Eyelet size

Using the correct size eyelet is very important as it will help your curtains guide effortlessly over the pole, ensuring you won’t need to tug or apply extra pressure on the curtain or pole.

Eyelets range from 22mm up to 66mm in size.

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Our suppliers

CS Curtains & Interiors proudly works with high-end suppliers to ensure customers choose from only the very best products. Find out more about the companies we work with below.